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Costs of New Shipping Containers for Sale

New Tan 20' One Tripper Shipping Container

New Shipping Containers for Sale Near Me

Buying a new cargo storage container is the easiest and quickest way to have guaranteed secure dry storage available for a reasonable price.  One Trippers for sale or in other words new shipping containers to buy vary in cost heavily depending on the geographical spot on the map where the cargo container locations are selected from.  Container trucking plays a big role in the overall pricing of a shipping container.   When buying a new container it is important to purchase a one trip conex box from the closest major port city located to the desired drop off destination.  

Nationwide providers such as IPL Management offer shipping containers in all port locations across the United States to reduce the cost of transportation and pass the savings on to the end user.  The next step in buying a new sea container is to select the appropriate size and configuration that fits on the property during delivery.  

Light Colored One Trip 40 Foot Shipping Containers

New One Trip Shipping Containers

One trip cargo containers for sale come in different sizes and builds.  The most common dimensions available are 10' / 20' / 40' and 45' long containers.  One time use containers can come in various heights stemming from the standard 8' 6" tall to 9' 6" tall in most lengths.  Used shipping containers for sale normally only come 9' 6" tall when buying a 40 foot container or 45 feet container.  The used 20 ft shipping containers do not come in 9' 6" tall heights and the 10 foot long containers do not come available in used condition.  One tripper containers such as 10 foot long cargo boxes only are built specifically for sale which is why they do not normally become available in used condition which the same can be said for 20 foot high top containers and mini storage modular 6' and 8' combo sets of nesting containers. 

New Container Design 

One trippers come in different configurations and prefabricated builds.  The most common one trip shipping container non-standard designs are double ended door containers and open sided containers. Double door shipping containers have doors on each end of the conex box making it into a tunnel when both sets of doors are left open.  An open side shipping container has the entire length of one end allowed to be open by being outfitted with a pair of bifolding doors. Open sided containers still have doors on the end that can be accessed traditionally.  

New shipping containers also all come with lock boxes for added security, higher door handles for comfort and the majority have easy open doors for quick access.  Another benefit of one trippers for sale is the fresh coat of paint that comes in a variety of colors such as beige, grey or blue which are the common prominent container colors available.  In most instances any other color can be ordered in advance like reds, greens or camouflage colors.

New Grey 20' Open Sided Shipping Container

New Shipping Container Prices and Cost 

Prices of new shipping containers can be scattered but there are some estimates that can help when researching how much it will cost to buy a one trip shipping container.  New cargo storage container prices from 2020 can be estimated below excluding the cost of trucking varying based on the port city.

East Coast New Containers for Sale

20 Foot One Trip Shipping Container Price Range $2500 – $2900

40' Foot One Trip Shipping Container Price Range $4100 – $4900

Midwest New Containers for Sale

20 Foot One Trip Shipping Container Price Range $2600 – $3100

40' Foot One Trip Shipping Container Price Range $3900 – $4500

West Coast New Containers for Sale

20 Foot One Trip Shipping Container Price Range $2400 – $2700

40' Foot One Trip Shipping Container Price Range $4000 – $4500

How to Find the Best Price on a One Trip Shipping Container 

Buying your shipping container is an easy process when dealing with an experienced supplier such as IPL Management.  With decades of customer service and countless amounts of satisfied customers, the IPL staff will assist in the purchase of a new container in your location. Save on prices and buy direct for the best deals with one of the largest inventories available in the United States and vast network of delivering carriers. Contact IPL Containers for your next new container purchase.  

One Trip Blue Shipping Container on Property