Cargo Shipping Container Grading

Cargo Containers are Catogorized in a few different Classifications as seen below. When purchasing a used shipping container its important to determine which sea container grade works best for your application and budget. 

One Trip Cargo Container

One Trip Sea Containers have been used once overseas on an ocean vessel to their destination for sale purposes. They are considered like new and are only 1 – 2 years old. One Trip Containers will have minor cosmetic blemishing.  

Ammo Grade Cargo Container

A Military Requirement Cargo Container that must be qualified to facilitate the export of explosive cargo by Ocean transport worldwide with a minimum amount of repairs and Excellent overall Condition.  Normally an Ammo grade container is only 1 – 5 years old.  In some cases an ammo grade used cargo container may cost more than a one trip container depending on book values and manufactured years.  

IICL Cargo Container

Strict International Requirements regards to a Used Containers permissible amount of completed Past Repairs and overall excellent structural condition.  IICL Containers are typically a younger used container due to the high level of criteria it must adhere to.  

Cargo Worthy Container

A Used Cargo Container that qualifies for overseas shipment and domestic transportation.  Used Cargo Worthy Containers will have cosmetic blemishing such as rust / logos / patches / dinging / denting  and various other non-structural aesthetic faults.  Cargo Worthy Containers are used by exporters as Shipper Owned Containers for overseas cargo shipping.  

Water Tight Container

A Used Cargo Container that is good for static storage.  Used Water Tight Containers are great for onsite storage. They are structurally sound and will not have leaks or damages to the floor.  Normally water tight used Containers will have more cosmetic blemishing than a cargo worthy container.  

ASIS Container

An ASIS Used Container is essentially a container in need of some sort of repair(s). The container may have a wide range of items to be addressed such as broken flooring, holes in the roof or sides, undercarriage issues, structural problems and other moderate to high cost of repairs.