Buy Cargo Shipping Containers for Export with SOCs

Buying an Export Sea Container for international shipping has never been easier. Our sales representatives have decades long experience in serving companies and customers that want to buy shipping containers for export.

IPL specializes in the sales of used export containers for overseas shipping. We provide certified shipper owned containers in all the large and small ports across the country. Our Cargo Container Sales team is aware of the requirements the Steam Shipping Lines need to have when fulfilling your SOC booking. We are in contact with surveyors on a daily basis that provide the proper inspections and conex container reports the SSL asks for. All of our conex containers qualify for overseas cargo worthy shipping and inland domestic transport.

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Advantages of purchasing a cargo container for shipping

  • Optional cargo worthy CSC inspections
  • Lower priced booking rates by avoiding COC returns
  • Minimize detention and demurrage fees  
  • Reuse / sell / utilize the sea container at the destination 
Exporting SOC Shipper Owned Containers for Sale
Used Shipper Owned Container Sales for Export