Open Top, Open Side, Double Door Containers for Sale

We stock specialized cargo containers for sale in various new sizes. We build our One Trip Sea Containers on a quarterly basis to meet the demands of our market.

Our Specialized One Way or One Trip Cargo Containers come in many convenient sizes. IPL builds Double Door Ended Containers or Tunnel Containers that have doors on both ends of the sea container. We also offer 1-Trip Open Side Containers that give the user access to the entire side in addition to the ends. We also carry Used Open Top or Hard Top Sea Containers and all lengths ranging from 10ft long conex containers to 53ft long shipping containers.  IPL builds and carries military transport containers such as Tricon / Quadcon / Bicon containers in different specifications.  

Double Door Shipping Container with Doors on Both Ends
Double Door Sea Container with Doors on Both Ends
Open Side Shipping Containers Available for Sale / Open Sided
New Dark Grey Open Side Shipping Container