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Shipping Container Prices and Cost

Storage Shipping Containers at a Marine Terminal

Buying a Cargo Shipping Container

Shipping container cost and price will vary based on many different factors.  Obvious cost differences will vary noticeably on condition whether it be a new storage container or a used cargo container and conex prices will differ depending on the size or specialized configuration and dimension selected to purchase. Other variables effect shipping container costs greatly as to their geographic location and the fluctuating market per quarter.

Supply & Demand of Used Cargo Storage Containers for Sale  

International global trade drives the financial world to prioritize what is shipping and where it is to be shipped to.  Large volumes of 40 foot and 20 foot cargo containers are routed to appropriate destinations in order to fulfill large demands of goods at sometimes predictable and unpredictable precedents.  During holiday seasons it's expected to have tens of thousands of used shipping containers to arrive at many different coastal locations with products to be made available at the appropriate season.  Then there are moments when goods are not importing so frequently and are being demanded in other parts of the world moreso than the United States.  

Shipping storage containers for sale are just a small fraction of any given larger fleet of stacked containers available in major cities.  Sometimes even if there looks to be an ocean of sea containers sitting at the pier does not mean the storage containers are for sale.  Vessels need containers to book export booking shipments in order to survive, having a plethora of containers available in a city makes lining up shipments for oceangoing companies convenient and quick.  Selling the shipping container stock pretty much capsizes a vessel operated carriers ability to function.  

Stacks of Used Shipping Containers at Pier

Geographic Costs of Storage Shipping Containers for Sale 

The largest amount of used 40 foot and 20 foot oceangoing containers are located on the coasts of the country.   As the containers begin to be transported domestically the conex boxes are rerouted to the closest drop off terminal location to avoid added trucking costs.  Inland cities normally do not see many for sale boxes since importers prefer to have their warehouses located close to the seashore ports of arrival to limit intermodal drayage and logistic costs.  Sometimes it's inevitable that a truck driver needs to deliver a conex container to a company much further away than the coastal port and will drop off the shipping container to an inland city or hub.  These shipping containers located inland become a valuable resource for the ocean carrier and provide an easy way to book an export shipment more conveniently for their customers located further from the coastline.  

20 Foot Used Shipping Container in Transit to Port

Shipping Cargo Container Pricing and Services 

There are a handful of different used grades of shipping containers.  The most common grade of a used shipping container is water tight and cargo worthy.  WWT and CWO used sea containers are priced relatively similar once the appropriate size has been selected.  A rough national average of a 20 foot used cargo container will fluctuate between $1,400 – $2,000.  A used 40 foot shipping container for sale will currently cost $1,500 – $2,800.  The container pricing jumps around a bit because a container inland in the midwest as an example will cost more than a container located on the west coast or east coast.  

Specialized container prices will change dramatically due to the dimensions and condition.  Most new shipping containers or one trippers (one way) containers can cost between $2,500 – $15,000 which has everything to do with the size, dimensions and function.  A 20' one trip container will be on the lower spectrum of the price meter  unlike a 40' open side one way container which will be on the higher end of the spectrum. Refrigerated containers can also cost a significant amount based off their year of manufacture and desired new versus used selection.  

The 20' one trip blue open side container below will cost approximately $5,000 – $6,000.  This container has standard height dimensions and is also available in a high cube configuration for extra cost. Other additions can include easy open door functions, added vents, bamboo flooring, custom color coding and customized decal application.

20 Foot One Time Use Open Sided Cargo Container

How Much to Buy a Storage Shipping Container 

Visit our container sizes page to view the various types of shipping containers available for sale and visit our grading page for more details on storage container conditions.  IPL Management stocks containers nationwide at favorable costs and offers shipping container delivery.  The cost of delivery is calculated differently in every city and adjusted frequently by different logistic outfits.  Inquire about the cost of a storage shipping container today from our contact page.  Learn more about used and new shipping containers on our blog page