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Buy a ShippingĀ Container with a Survey and Inspection Report

Refrigerated insulated container selected for survey.

Shipper Owned Containers and Cargo Containers for Sale

Shipper owned containers are purchased shipping containers that qualify for export overseas and are graded cargo worthy or higher.  Shippers, exporters, NVOCCs and freight brokers utilize shipper owned containers for cost saving benefits mostly related to specialized destinations and demurrage/ detention reductions.  Normally, most companies purchase a shipper owned container (SOC) because the benefit of the mentioned savings reduces the overhead cost for their client and allows more control over equipment availability and decreased concrete pricing.  The client can then make effective use of the container by using it for storage, reshipping it overseas, selling it at the destination, converting it into a kiosk or cabin, etc., and gain more value out of the total shipment. 

Cargo Shipping Containers for Sale CSC Inspections 

Shipping containers that qualify for overseas shipment are routinely inspected by a 3rd party surveying company that does a thorough inspection of the cargo container.  The licensed inspector makes an appointment to visit the yard to go over the details of the container and perform a checklist of surveying guidelines to make sure the conex box meets the respective criteria of the container condition requested. The costs involved for a shipping container inspection vary by region and marine surveying company. Some locations are more attractively priced than others and the general approximate survey cost can range from $75 – $250 per empty container nationwide.  

Surveyor onsite for shipping container inspection

CSC Shipping Container Reports

During a CSC inspection, the shipping container will be examined for a few different items and qualifications. The surveying inspector will have a lift driver pickup the container to check the undercarriage for structural integrity alongside any repairs needed to the floor beams and check for deteriorating floors. The doors, floor, cross members, corner posts, panels, walls and ceiling are looked over to verify that the container can properly handle the allowed cargo container weight to be loaded and stackable capacity is met.  Photos may be requested prior to the scheduled inspection that will be attached to the survey report. Upon completion of the survey, the inspector will place an ACEP sticker on the CSC metal plate located on the container door allowing it to be shipped.

The survey report will provide important details the SSL requires to allow the shipping container to be exported overseas.  The shipping line will have all the criteria they are looking for such as the tare weight, max gross weight, manufactured year, racking test load value, allowed stacking weight, origin of production, factory name, customs seal number, CSC approval number, equipment type and identification number. Having the survey report on file for both the buyer and steam shipping line guarantees the condition of cargo container and its criteria.  Normally survey reports are valid for about 6 months to 18 months varying on the conditon of the container and at the discretion of the surveyor. 

Cargo container front door markings and CSC plate

How to Buy a Shipping Container

Shipping container prices can be provided by a reputable container sales company.  IPL Management provides shipper owned containers on a constant basis nationwide.  When buying a shipping container it's important to  inquire about the various condition types and identifying which cargo container fits the budget.  In high volume or scarce locations, cargo worthy shipping containers are in stock and available for sale to individuals and freight forwarders.  Container survey reports (CSC / container safety convention inspections) are available to schedule by request during purchase.  For pricing and container details please contact IPL Management.

Shipping Container Grades