Used Refrigerated Shipping Containers for Sale

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How to Buy a Refrigerated Shipping Container

One Trip Refrigerated Cargo Container
One Trip Refrigerated Cargo Shipping Container

Working and Non-Working Refrigerated Cargo Containers

Refrigerated shipping containers or reefers are insulated cargo containers with flat exterior panels that have stainless steel interiors and various cooling mechanisms attached to one end of the box.  Reefers come in used condition or new condition and offer temperature controlled cold storage.  Depending on the make of the refrigeration unit and the year the container was built, the price can vary.  Some refrigerated cargo containers come non-working and are referred to as insulated containers.  Insulated shipping containers are generally cheaper than working refrigerated containers because the mechanism which is still intact may have high estimates of repair and no longer functional.  The degree of repair can be anything from error codes, electrical failure, damaged components, missing parts or non functioning machinery. When purchasing a non-running refrigerated container, 90% of the time the non-working cooling unit will still be attached that can later be dismantled for parts and/or scrapped. 

Brands of Refrigerated Containers

Working Refrigerated Containers come in a few popular models.  Most common and sought after would be the Carrier Line of refrigeration units such as PrimeLine, ThinLine, EliteLine and NautraLine.  Other popular brands such as Thermo King which utilizes its Magnum series and Daiken or Star Cool which also follow in refrigeration setups for containers.  Most systems use a 460v 60Hz connection and require transformers if attempting to plug into a commercial setting.  The alternative to hooking up a service line would be in a more remote location needing a genset that can either clip onto the mechanism (nose mount) and provide power with the use of fuel.   A genset is a power unit that is essentially an engine that generates electricity by converting fuel into energy so much so as a generator but specifically tailored for a refrigerated container.  Reefers are not capable of generating their own energy to keep themselves cool as the only options to provide power would be a genset or a transformer installation / electrical service.

Genset Clip On Reefer Shipping Container
Clip On Genset on Working Reefer Container

Refrigerated Shipping Containers for Sale and Gensets for Sale

Refrigerated containers come in the most common 2 sizes.  20 Foot and 40 Foot Lengths are the most customary available shipping containers. 40ft high cube is by far the most purchased size available and the 20ft standard will cost as much if not more than a 40 footer simply due to its scarcity and lack of availability.   Gensets for sale vary greatly by year and can cost half as much or double as much as the reefer itself.  Gensets are not commonly available for sale as they are in high demand worldwide to keep refrigerated containers cool in limitless remote locations.  Gensets come in 2 common options.  There is a clip-on version that covers a portion of the mechanism on a reefers' end and there is an underslung attachment that attaches to the bottom of the chassis trailer hauling the container.  Clip-ons tend to be in stock moreso than other variants.

40 Foot Refrigerated Container Interior
40 Foot Refrigerated Shipping Container Interior

Insulated Shipping Containers for Sale

Insulated shipping containers or non-working reefers are an easy way to have quick storage that can ward off extreme hot or cold moreso than a regular dry shipping container could.   Insulated containers are lined with a non-absorbent thick closed cell foam that range in R-Value of 28+.  These stainless steel interior containers have flat panel walls that do not have corrugations and the floors are not flat like most seacans.  The floors are composed of T-Grid steel to maximize air flow.  The exterior is alway painted white to reflect the sun and keep temperatures from rising.  The exterior wall panels can be made of corrosion preventative steel or aluminum.  

Where to buy a Refrigerated Shipping Container 

When purchasing an intermodal refrigerated cargo container, trust an expert in the field with decades of experience and familiarity with reefers and ongoing stock availability.  Refrigerated Containers are great for storing perishable goods and many other applications such a feed and temperature sensative products.  Different reefers can maintian various ranges of temperatures in climate variable areas.  Looking for a fridge container? IPL will be happy to answer any questions or inquiries regarding buying a refrigerated shipping container.  IPL Management carriers most brands of reefer containers in many locations across the United States.