Business Shipping container office for sale

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Buying a Shipping Container for a Business

Shipping Container Turned into Restaurant Cafe

Business Using Shipping Containers 

Shipping containers are a useful resource for small and large businesses alike that are cost effective, environmentally friendly and time saving.  The steel construction allows a cargo shipping container to stand up to the elements while keeping goods dry and secure.  Aside the obvious uses of being onsite storage or exporting sea containers overseas, the various alternatives to buying a shipping container will benefit a business creatively to drive storage solutions wisley.  Most businesses will use cargo containers for storage purposes and mobile container offices.   A shipping container office can be fabricated and outfitted endlessly which includes: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, container windows, doors, vents and workstations,. etc.  Shipping container modification can be implemented endlessly as long as the container budget allows it.  

40ft Shipping Container on Open Parking Lot

Business Plan for Extra Storage Space  

Cargo containers come in different sizes and variations to meet the demand for high capacity or low volume loading space and application.  The two most common shipping container sizes are 20 feet long and 40 foot long.  Interesting ways to use shipping containers other than simple onsite storage warehousing or a mobile container facility can be beneficial to any business model.  As an example, if a business has excess yard space or a parking lot with unusable areas, it might be in the best interest for the company to implement an IT station, outdoor workshop, overstock surplus area, seasonal holding space, security or guard shack structure, a checkpoint or even container uses such as a wall for a vulnerable area on the perimeter.  Any of these shipping container ideas can be valuable to decrease excess warehousing and retail space cost. 

Preparing for Onsite Storage  

The cost of shipping containers are reasonable and the delivery charges will vary depending on how far the container destination is from a major terminal port location. Higher priced deliveries include roll off or tilt bed / landoll based trailers and cheaper alternatives are regular flat bed or step deck trailer deliveries which involve the destinations to have their own equipment onsite to off load the container on delivery.  Prepping the space for the container is low cost if any at all and maintaining containers over the years is inexpensive which saves money on the maintenance in the long run.  Container modifications and conex fabrication can be done prior to delivery with any common requests such as man doors, roll up doors, windows, lock boxes, vents, lockers, work benches, shelving., etc. Thereafter once the container is on the premises it's easy to paint the sea can to match the surroundings or use logos and decals / company colors for name branding and recognition.  

20 Foot Used Shipping Container in Transit

Shipping Container Delivery Requirements 

Some tips when receiving storage containers would be to make sure the location where the container is being delivered has appropriate space for a tractor trailer to arrive onsite.  The optimal surface would be hard top or a gravel pad, otherwise some wooden 2" x 4"s or railroad ties would work fine for container placement.   Weather plays a key role if the shipping container is going to be carried over soft ground, having a container trailer stuck in a field or damp grassy locations will cost thousands of dollars to tow out in an emergency.   A twenty foot cargo container weighs approximately 5000 pounds and a forty foot sea container is about 8000 pounds which would require heavy machinery such as a high low or fork lift with a pickup rating capable of 20% more than the weight of the box for safety reasons. If the tow truck is sliding the container off onto the ground, the proper clearnace must be around 12 feet wide and either 70 feet to 110 feet long respectfully on the container size. 

Modified Sea Shipping Container Branding Kiosk

Different Ways to Use Sea Containers for Sale 

Shipping container costs and prices heavily outweigh the alternative of building a structure, buying a shed or implementing a do it yourself DIY enclosure.  A business being able to save on time and money when buying a shipping container allows budgeting for more creative uses of containers.  As an example, a startup restaurant may not be financially able to precure a lease but might consider using a cargo sea container as a food store retail space to launch the brand in the beginning in order to get the business off the ground.  This idea expands into a more diverse genre of industry providing a platform to launch sample branding and logo recognition as popup stores and advertising vehicles that are mobile and eye catching.  

This type of low cost container business model can provide valuable feedback and initial response before a permanent structure and financing is attained.  Furthermore, mobile container offices, marketing retail container spaces and container kiosks can be a continuous source of useful advertising if placed and driven in the proper locations, its the same as having a large billboard if stationed correctly.  For more detailed information and container purchase inquiries contact IPL Management.