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How to Export a Used Cargo Container for Sale

Shipper owned containers preparing for int'l export.

Buying a Used Cargo Container for Export 

Exporting a used sea container or in other terms utilizing a shipper owned container purchase can be a cost effective alternative to using the ship lines booking or carrier owned container.  Some benefits include the ease of time during loading and avoiding demurrage and detention costs at the terminals.  A shipper owned booking can also be much cheaper according to the respective destination where the export box is going.  Purchasing a used container for sale is easy with IPL Management.  IPL has daily experience with SOC Container bookings in most all locations nationwide. 

Container Chassis and Landoll Trailer Delivery 

It's very important to understand how a used 20' or 40' container for sale will be delivered, loaded and sent back to the terminal for shipping.  The most convenient way to go about this would to have the used shipping container delivered to your property and set on the ground for loading.  This will allow the shipper an indefinite amount of time to gather all the household goods, parts, items, etc. needed to pack, strap, secure and load up the sea container.  

Various cranes capable of lifting cargo containers

Landoll Roll Off Tilt Bed Delivery

A Landoll trailer will allow a container sales company to roll off an empty container onto the ground during delivery, but it would not have the capability to pickup the container full because these types of container delivery trailers are not built for excessive weight.  Too much cargo weight will put stress on the trailer's winch and could cause damage to the flatbed, step deck or drop deck during pickup.  In addition, a trucking company does not want to be liable for the cargo or the used sea van during the lift. The only way to pickup a full container would be using heavy equipment such as a crane or powerful forklift.  A crane company will normally charge portal to portal with an average of 3 hours minimum and can be quite expensive depending on the outfit selected. 

Standard 40' gooseneck container chassis trailers

Intermodal Chassis Connex Delivery 

A Gooseneck chassis is the standard trailer that all NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) and shippers use to haul around empty dry van containers.  The only setback for a used sales ocean going container drayage delivery would be that the iso container has to sit on the chassis and there will be a daily chassis usage charge implemented by the freight forwarder or trucking company.   This daily usage charge can accumulate quickly if the chassis is left for weeks on the property waiting to be loaded.  Drop and Pick chassis deliveries typically last for 1 – 4 days.  Live Load chassis deliveries last within a business day averaging 2 – 5 hours.  A chassis container delivery normally will not work well at a customers location unless there are no other alternatives.  

Vehicles in a secure auto export warehouse

Container Loading Export Warehouse 

Purchasing a used 40 ft cargo container for export is the easiest part of the process.  Having the unit prepared for shipment will take extra steps if onsite roll off delivery is not a feasible option.   The freight forwarder handling the export booking will pickup the used shipping container purchased and bring it back to their loading warehouse.  All the items that need to be palletized, consolidated, wrapped, secured and checked into inventory will be handled by the export broker.  The agent will then handle all the customs clearance on behalf of the sender and fill out the Bill of lading (BOL) accordingly.  Once the SOC is loaded, the forwarding agent will seal the conex box and meet required booking cut-off times and guidelines. 

The customer will send all their cargo directly to the warehouse so it can be accumulated and prepped for shipment.   Keep in mind that a large amount of inventory normally sitting at any given agents location may accrue storage fees.The shipping vessel will require documentation such as declared values, titles if necessary or MSO's, consignee information, shipper information and receiver details.  Once all the paperwork has been received and all the goods are accounted for, the used cargo ready shipper owned container will be picked up for loading at the export warehouse and on its way to the pier. 

Cargo Container Inspections May be a Requirement   

In many cases various steam shipping lines / ocean carriers require that shippers provide a cargo worthy certificate or updated CSC inspection for the container being shipped.  A surveyor will schedule an appointment at the terminal or depot to look over the requested TEU qauntity and qualify the sea can for overseas shipment abroad.  Scheduling may take a few days depending on the work load at the yard and the surveyors prior engagements.