Camouflage Shipping Container for Sale

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How to Camouflage a Shipping Container

Ways to Disguise a Shipping Container

In many cases shipping containers are often used for storage on residential and commercial properties in the respective condition that they were purchased in. Companies and residents normally do not end up modifying or upgrading their containers because they are happy in the boxes' original form. But there are times when an owner chooses to be creative and upgrade the appearance of the connex box to adhere to its surroundings or industry. Anytime something needs to be refurbished there is always the consideration of materials, time and labor involved.  Companies may convert and refurbish their containers into workshops, kiosks, offices or simply have painted portable advertisements.  Individuals can transform storage containers into studios, garages, guest houses and living spaces. 

Assorted colors for metal based container paints

Camouflaging and Painting

Buying a shipping container that is already painted in a camouflage color is the quickest way to have a uniquely painted container blending into nature. Camouflage containers come in one trip or new condition, they are not a used product and cost more than a used container or a single colored one trip container. Aside from hiring a local artist to paint your container in a number of detailed or simple camouflaging colors, you could take on the task by purchasing materials for stenciling and make a project of it to blend into the nearby scenery. Alternatively, purchasing commercial sized decals with prints on them and wrapping the container is another solution for creative camo effects. Combining any of the above ideas together can disguise and mask the storage container easily into its surroundings. Even simply painting the container one color to match the nearby building, parking lot or tree line can make a world of difference in minimizing its presence on the property.

Hedges of thuja trees fencing a shipping container

Using Shrubs, Bushes and Trees

Another way to make a shipping container blend into the scenery is by planting shrubs such as Wintergreen Boxwoods, Thuja or Evergreen trees as examples. There are artificial options as well if the climate or landscape is temperamental. Visiting a local nursery or contacting a landscaper can give you ideas and estimates on the cost to buy and or install a green privacy screen to shield the container. Other decorative container ideas that involve a bit more gardening would be a vertical growing plant panel garden or a weeping plant. Hanging plant strands like string lights across the shipping container can also add decorative accents that create a curvature feel where everything is square.

Construction vinyl siding pattern panels.

Shipping Container Panels and Cladding

More advanced methods of container camouflaging include siding and paneling. There are dozens of styles and options for vinyl siding such as horizontal panels, traditional lap and board & batten. Paneling can come in many forms from wood, metal and stone with countless styles that can mimic a cabin, home, shed or industrial building. Architects go as far as installing mirrors on the exterior of shipping containers for a stealth appearance and artistic touch to cloak, screen and transform the seabox all together.

Speaking with a general contractor or handyman for quotes in your area to see what the cost of labor would be for the material selected can properly budget the project in advance. Buying a shipping container is the easiest part of the process and working with IPL Containers offers professional customer service below market prices. Learn more about buying a storage container in your area.  IPL offers various used and new conditions that include one trip camo boxes or regular tan / beige one time use units and multiple optional used categories such as sea worthy or wind and watertight.