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We offer quality used and new storage containers for sale in Massachusetts

Available modular container dimensions and sizes include

20' Conex containers for sale

40' Conex containers for sale

40' High Cube storage containers for sale

45' High Cube storage containers for sale

Used cargo containers and one trip / one way shipping container options available.  For a full list of container dimensions and builds please visit our sizes page

Container Transportation Prices

Shipping container delivery rates are calculated by zip code. Please contact us for shipping container prices and costs in your location.  IPL Management is a cargo container supplier servicing all major locations across the United States.  Roll off delivery services are available in various locations in addition to flat bed onsite container delivery.  For quick quotes and information use our contact form or call us today. 

Shipping Container Buyers Guide

We provide information and articles on how to buy a shipping container and maintain the equipment.   When purchasing a container it's important to make sure there is adequate space on the job site or property in order for a tractor trailer to be allowed on the premises to perform the delivery.  Thereafter, budgeting and selecting the proper condition for either onsite storage or overseas export helps pinpoint the best option for the desired application.  Visit our blog page for more container information. 

Quick Shipped Cargo Container References 

The most common purchased used catagory of shipping container is either airtight, wind and water tight (WWT) or cargo worthy also known as cargo ready or sea worthy (CWO).  New containers are normally referred to as one trippers or one time use / one way containers.  Water and air tight shipping containers are the ideal condition for onsite modular storage.  Whereas, sea worthy containers are appropriately used as shipper owned containers (SOC) for export overseas.  Cargo containers can be scheduled for a certified survey inspection by request that documents the current condition and allowable application of the container.  

Technical Shipping Container Structure 

All corrugated sea containers are made up of corten steel with industrial grade plywood to support upwards of 60,000 lbs of cargo weight when lifted to be placed on intermodal carriers and ocean vessels.  Used shipping containers that are for sale will come with one set of doors on one end the majority of the time in comparison to one trip containers that can come in various configurations.  Standard height containers refer to a sea box being 8' 6" tall and a high cube is 9' 6" tall.  

Cargo Shipping Containers for Self Storage in Salem

We offer shipping containers for sale in Salem MA and the surrounding area. Used shipping containers are a very popular and secure way to house construction materials, landscaping equipment, household items and all types of goods that need to be protected from the elements.  Contact us for container pricing in you area and we can help you with storage solutions for your project. 

Massachusetts Storage Containers for Businesses 

Buying a repurposed shipping container has become a key component for developers, shippers, factories, agriculture and mini warehouses. Secure space has become a valuable asset during renovation, relocation and upgrades.  A movable sea can will provide maximum square footage and a minimum cost in comparison to alternatives.  Securing business assets on the property for temporary or long term use can reosolve the question to where all the files need to go or furitnure needs to be stored.  Building materials such as cement, wood, stone and power tools have a place to be kept safe while the on-site repairs are completed or simply freed up for more space.